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We are always committed to providing the right strategy to place your small business in the right direction.
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Maven is a strategic marketing & creative consulting agency that performs the function of a Fractional CMO without your company having to commit to a full-time in-house one.

We Create Some Things For Future Success.

We come armed with the speed, knowledge, and experience in small business development growth strategies to drive the results a company needs.

Our clients benefit from being able to get started instantly with marketing leadership, without incurring the tremendous costs and risks associated with searching, training, and ‘ramp-up time’ it takes for in-house CMOs.

















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      We don’t hate the agency model, 75 Degrees West leadership has decades of successful experience in the traditional agency ecosystem. But, all [good] things evolve + change for the better. While we love working with other agencies and partners in the space, we think there is a lot of bloat and unnecessary layers in traditional agencies.

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      Expert Guidance & Consultancy To Build Your Business.

      ­Deal Wth A Consultant Who Understands Your Business's Needs.

      One Stop Marketing Service Solutions

      As your consultants, , we offer a wider range of services for brands including fulfillment, content creation, SEO and PPC management; branding, web development; graphic design and much more.

      By connecting everything, we can make a bigger impact to boost sustainable growth. We help brands connect with loyal customers and new audiences—both at home and abroad.

      Web Design & Development

      Website development services help create all types of web-based software & ensure a great experience for web users. At Maven, we professionally design, redesign and continuously support customer-facing and enterprise web apps to achieve high conversion and adoption rates.

      SEO Marketing

      For years, we’ve been providing SEO solutions for businesses wanting to expand their online presence, increase leads and grow their revenue. Our tried-and-true SEO techniques and practices have resulted in many success stories for clients.

      Pay-Per-Click Marketing

      Get your business in front of the audiences who matter most – and drive them to your website or landing pages. We’d find you the right leads the same way we found you!

      How Do We Do It?

      By combining a wide range of in-house marketing capabilities, our team of PPC, SEO, branding, and content specialists develops an individualized strategy that is fully aligned with your brand ethos and optimized for conversions. Thus, your products are being presented to people who are looking for precisely what you’re offering and your brand integrity is protected – a win-win.

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      Work With Maven Marketing Experts To Create A New Marketing Strategy

      If you suspect your marketing strategy isn’t working the way you want it to or if your plan isn’t achieving the goals you set out for it, it may be time to re-strategize. If you feel like your company’s marketing plan isn’t producing the results you expected, consider seeking out help from a team of marketing experts who can assist you with developing and executing a more effective plan.

      Modern marketing methods can be complicated, but a professional marketing team can help you evaluate your current tactics and come up with new and exciting ways to attract customers who want to access your services. Even if you don’t have a lot of knowledge about modern marketing methods, a group of seasoned marketing professionals can help you understand your options.

      Connect with us today to learn more about your company’s potential and how to get the most out of a custom-built marketing strategy.


      What Is a Marketing Consultant?
      A marketing consultant is an individual, or a group, that encourages an organization to direct marketing choices in light of exploration and experience. There is a wide range of counseling trained professionals, from by and large computerized marketing procedure consultants to more specialty specialists.
      Why Hire a Marketing Consultant?
      Employing a marketing consultant will give your business an arrangement that wasn’t made in a storehouse. Having that outer counsel powers your association to stand up to inside-held inclinations and suppositions about marketing and your main interest group, which makes for a more grounded methodology.

      Unlike recruiting another full-time worker, employing a consultant can be very adaptable, with administrations being increased or down depending on the situation. This generally implies better expense proficiency.

      In the event that you are pushing toward more computerized marketing, as opposed to conventional, recruiting an advanced marketing consultant can assist you with the progress. Having areas of strength for a presence resembles having a subsequent customer-facing facade – and keeping in mind that that accompanies a greater open door, it accompanies greater obligation and cost too. A consultant can assist you with being sure that your cash is being spent in a calculated manner.

      How Should I Choose a Digital Marketing Consultant?

      Pick a marketing consultant that lines up with your business objectives and has the experience important to exhort you satisfactorily. Furthermore, ensure this master is somebody you could see yourself working with for quite a while. Character matters, in this situation, almost as much as experience.

      Here are a few inquiries you can pose to choose if a consultant is ideal for you:

      • What industry do you focus on?
        Have you worked with small/large businesses?
      • How will you measure success?
      • What will the deliverables look like?
      • Can I meet/e-meet the team I’ll be working with?
      • May I see your portfolio?
      • What is your client load?
      • Can I talk to some of your references?
      • Do you have any underlying thoughts for getting prospective clients to my business?
      What to Expect from a Marketing Consultant?

      So what makes a decent marketing consultant? This is the very thing you ought to expect out of the individual or group you enlist:

      • They tune in and answer your thoughts, as opposed to tossing them out. Regardless of anything, you realize your business best. The interview ought to be a two-sided discussion, and the work ought to be cooperative.
      • They know how to function inside your timetable and financial plan.
      • They are straightforward about estimating and don’t shock you with expenses.
      • They really do research to further develop administrations, and they make sense of what they’re doing.
      • They consistently get to know the subtleties of your business better.
      • They demonstrate their value in a manner that is significant to you -, for example, with custom revealing.
      • They comprehend advanced marketing and aren’t trapped before.

      Consultation services are the beginning of a relationship. While a marketing consultant will have done research to prepare for your business, the consultation is the point at which you both dig further into what is required.

      How does a marketing consultant work?
      A marketing consultant serves at the heading of the CEO and provides integral support in growing and branding the business.

      Client Testimonials

      We’ll help you show up, get found, and get connected. Our paid social experts will help you monitor your campaigns for ROI that drives your business forward. We’ll keep an eye on the changing algorithms and monitor your campaigns for you.

      Celina D.

      Tech Tube (CEO)

      We’ll help you show up, get found, and get connected. Our paid social experts will help you monitor your campaigns for ROI that drives your business forward. We’ll keep an eye on the changing algorithms and monitor your campaigns for you.

      Rebeeca c.

      Lazy Dollar (CEO)

      We’ll help you show up, get found, and get connected. Our paid social experts will help you monitor your campaigns for ROI that drives your business forward. We’ll keep an eye on the changing algorithms and monitor your campaigns for you.

      Julia K.

      Slice Info-tech (CEO)

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